Location & Directions

Getting to and from Alona Beach
getting to bohol
Traveling to or from Alona Beach is easy. Located on Panglao Island off the coast of Bohol, Alona Beach is a short 20km ride from Tagbilaran. With daily flights from Manila to Tagbilaran and fast boats from Cebu and Dumaguete, Alona Beach is easy to get to from anywhere in the Philippines.

Getting to Tagbilaran via Fast Ferry
If you aren’t flying, then the best way to get to Tagbilaran is by “fast ferry”. There is daily service from Cebu City, Dumaguete and Dapitan (Mindanao) via OceanJet, SuperCat or Weesam Express. There are several smaller companies offering service as well.

By Air From Manila
From Manila you will need to fly to Tagbilaran (via Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific) and then make your way to Alona Beach from there.

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